New release: Merzbow – Ouroborous

Merzbow: Ouroborous
Solielmoon (2010)

Whoa, wait a minute! Is this the rare sound of Merzbow having… The vegan animal activist with an S&M fetish having… Ouroboros is a swirling mess of digital gelatin, all shiny and playful. Darting from fingernails scraped down blackboards to the clack of typewriters, with a healthy dose of sci-fi sound effects thrown in for good measure (check out the 28 minute mark when he jerks into the sound of a thousand gamma rays blasting in a wind tunnel before switching to the sound of horse hooves clopping lazily down some cobble stoned street).

During 50+ minutes Merzbow racks up some serious noise mileage travelling through numerous textures, volumes and sounds. And for some reason comes cross like he’s having a blast doing it. Not that he hasn’t sounded this light hearted before – the prog-rock fuckery of Aqua Necromancer or the war march that drives Yoshinotsune are bucket loads of fun to listen to as well. The thing is, if you’re new to the world of Merzbow than you mightn’t see the playful side of Ouroboros because it doesn’t share their cohesion. In which case I’d recommend testing out the two records mentioned above before tackling Ouroboros. We wouldn’t want to scare you or anything.


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