Digging: John Weise – Bubble Pulse

John Weise: Bubble Pulse
Kissy Records (2003)

Something about this record makes my skin crawl, which is unusual for Weise because he’s not prone to mood or atmosphere. He’s far more interested in sound itself. Listening to Bubble Pulse makes me think about insects, lots of insects. Ever seen Creepshow? The last story in that collection of creepy tales involves a Howard Hughes type character that bursts cockroaches, and the sound of their little feet scurrying about is eerily similar to the ticks, taps, scratches and scrapes that Weise pieces together in various parades throughout this record.

Bubble Pulse is less frenetic than the Weise I’m familiar with. Instead of fritting about from sample to sample, individual noises are looped and allowed to reveal themselves at a medium place. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t spurts of disarray, because there most definitely are but overall this is a much more subtle, quiet and introspective collection of sound collages from one of the more exciting acts in the genre. Buy this.


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