Digging: Lasse Marhaug – The Great Silence

Lasse Marhaug: The Great Silence
PACrec (2007)

I’ve done a lot of travelling for work in the last few weeks, including some long haul flights. While cramped up in my seat on one occasion, desperately trying to get to sleep, I had The Great Silence blasting in my ears. Huge swirls of primordial static skittering through my head while shifting into and out of recognisable shape. And when the noise stopped, well, I nearly didn’t register that the record had ended. In fact I was consumed by the sound of whirring jet engines, the rattle of the cabin, the hiss of cool air streaming out of tiny air con outlets, the irregular blast of in-flight toilets shooting shit and piss into the bowels of the aircraft, the rumble of turbulence. Suddenly I didn’t need my ipod. I forgot about my stinging calves and aching back and lost myself in the sound that surrounded me and it was fucking awesome.


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