Digging: TenHornedBeast – My Horns are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth

TenHornedBeast – My Horns are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth
Cold Spring Records (2009)

When the awesome Aquarius Records put a whole bunch of Doom, Drone and Metal up for sale, I splurged on a batch of goodies. The standout of this stash was My Horns are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth.

You know how the word ‘glacial’ gets thrown around when talking about droney, doomy records? As in monolithic, cold and crawling along at millimetres per minute? TenHornedBeast goes way beyond that; everything on this album unfurls at a pace that’s almost painful, sweetly painful. This record isnt worried about revealing its charms quickly. You’ll need patience, and quiet time.

Talk of flames, horns and beasts is deceiving because the vibe here is haunting but not blackened. It’s not crushing like Black Boned Angel, it almost has more in common with Stars of the Lid but with so many layers of gentle drones that the whole thing becomes way bigger than the sum of its parts. A dense haze you can’t see through, thick enough that you can feel it pressing in on you, gently.

There are moments when distorted rumbles threaten to take over, of course, but these might be related to this record’s companion piece The Sacred Truth from which a couple of tracks were ‘remixed’ for My Horns are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth. It’s said that The Sacred Truth is a heavier record than this, does anyone know if that’s true? I plan to find out for myself. You should too.

3 responses to “Digging: TenHornedBeast – My Horns are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth

  1. I only have the self-released demo “Ten Stars – Ten Horns” and the first album “Woe To You, O Earth And Sea” on NOTHingness REcords. They don’t make me think about SOTL or sound like something “gentle”. Maybe the sound has shifted in the meantime?

  2. From what I’ve read, his other stuff is heavier/nosier than this record for sure. If you ever get around to hearing this, let me know how it compares? And thanks for the Philip Jeck tip a while back, it’s a freaking great record that one!

  3. The pile of unlisted stuff at home is growing everyday … but maybe in a few decades I might find some time to listen to this Beast.
    Glad you liked the Jeck record. Host is my favourite Philip Jeck album – never understood why this is so “underestimated”.
    Need to flip my Aspec(t) LP http://www.toxorecords.com/aspec(t)/index.htm – listen here: http://www.myspace.com/aspecttt – if you dig Nmperign, you need to have this!

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