Digging: Merzbow – Tauromachine

Merzbow: Tauromachine
Release Entertainment (1998)

The impending release of Merzbow’s earthquake and tsunami inspired Dead Zone has got me excited about the great man again. Tauromachine has been on high rotation around these parts of late. The nineties were a great period for Merzbow as far I’m concerned, with the likes of Pulse Demon, Aqua Necromancer, 1930 and Psychorazer on offer, and Tauromachine is another fine example of his pre-millenium madness.

I’d call this Mr Akita’s techno record. Not literally of course, but there’s plenty of 4/4 throb anchoring down the scree on Tauromachine, and in a fucked up way it’s hard not to find yourself head nodding along with it. I can only imagine what would happen if some DJ slipped a cut like Minotaurus in amongst a set of Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin bangers while playing to a crowd of peaked party goers. Bad trips would most likely ensue, but it’s also possible that a handful of nutters would get swept away in swathes of fuzz and experience a noise epiphany.

Tauromachine is Merzbow at the accessible end of his spectrum, where his palette alludes to familiar sounds without actually being anything more than noise. He can be really clever like that.


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