30-something year old music nerd. Art school student turned corporate geek. This is my personal journey through noise, rock, metal and anything in between.


4 responses to “About

  1. I was wondering if you’d like to post any of this music on your blog? It’s all up for download for free:


    Sensible Nectar – noise, ambient, live electronics, drone, experimental… the noisiest release would definitely be the live collaboration with Zach Abate

    Inappropriate King Live – noise, drone, electronic

    Pianos Become The Teeth – screamo

    The Human Excuse – mostly acoustic/folk, but with some experimental/ambient/field recording stuff

    Let me know if you post anything… download whatever you’d like! Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    more free noise?

    We’re Interlard, a noisy experimental (mainly noisy) twosome from Birmingham, UK.
    We have a Self released Free Download (plus a few free CD-R versions) of our 4th Album. It’s called ‘Tyrol’ and you can get it here:


    So seeing as we like most of what you do, we thought you might like what we do.
    If you’d like to run your ears over this little number, we’d appreciate it.
    If you’d like to pass comment, share it with your friends/enemies, we’d love that more

    Wes – Interlard

  3. If you’re interested in hearing some new music I work mainly with noise rock, punk, metal and alternative artists. Would love to send 2 in particular for your consideration. Feel free to email me if interested. Thanks!

  4. Eleanor Voterakis

    Hello! Can you subscribe me to your blog? I’m a bit late coming to the party and I’m too much of a Luddite to work out how to do it.

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