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Felicia Atkinson: Les Boise Rouges

Felicia Atkinson: Les Boise Rouges
Unread Records (2011)

Felicia is a French musician and artist whom I stumbled across over at the Free Music Archive where you can download a copy of this out of print cassette.  I’ve not explored the archive much before but after finding this diamond in the rough I’m keen to dig around a bit deeper on there.

Felicia makes ethereal drones using a guitar and effects pedals. Breathtaking clouds of nothingness  that don’t appear to have any particular destination in mind but never slip into self indulgence. The compositions range from sparse and acoustic, like This Impermanent Gold which makes me think of Jackie O Motherfucker, and montages that combine blissful guitars with miscellaneous  noise. It’s the latter pieces where Felicia excels, managing to build up a vortex of sound that threatens to unhinge itself from reality. If you’re a fan of the mighty Yellow Swans you’ll be familiar with this trick. It’s a great act she’s got going here, and Les Boise Rouges is highly recommended as an antidote for those late nights at home when the world feels like it’s getting the better of you.