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Digging: Jabladav – Communion with Mother and Machine

Jabladav: Communion with Mother and Machine
Self released cd-R (2010)

Apparently this one-man band from the US spends most of his time spewing out variants of Black Metal, but has occasionally been known to release more atmospheric work like the sleepy fog of Communion with Mother and Machine.

Ever heard of a Buddha Machine? Neither had I. Basically it’s a small device capable of recording a short ‘sample’ that can be played back as an endless loop. Here, Jabladav has arranged a group of Buddha Machines, each playing a different loop around a microphone. The result is a constantly shifting collage of ambient sounds as our corpse painted shaman moves his looped devices closer to, and further from the microphone.

Gentle drones, eerie whispers, tinkling pianos, feedback, the sound of crickets and frogs, and nonsensical voices slide amongst each other in a fairly unsettling way. The fact that we can occasionally hear Jabladav moving about the room shifting Buddha Machines somehow adds to the mystique. It’s a voyeuristic vibe, like peering in on some sort of blackened ritual whose participants would likely eat you alive if they were aware they had an audience.

The downfall of Communion with Mother and Machine comes in the last twenty minutes during which a single loop of crickets and frogs, I’m assuming a forest/swamp at night, reels on and on and on……and on. It’s seems like a bitterly lazy way to end such an unusual listening experience, and ultimately makes this a curiosity more than anything else. Limited to a hundred, numbered copies. Looks like Aquarius Records still have a few for sale.