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Digging: Astro Jazkamer Hair Stylistics

Astro Jazkamer Hair Stylistics: Motorcycle Fuck with the Ghostrider
aRCHIVE (2007)

This somewhat obscure little puppy would have to be among the most aggressive, violent noise releases out there. Recorded live in Tokyo, which adds some serious depth and dense static to the madness, this is a fucking great collaboration between cult faves Jazkamer and two Japanese noise-niks I’m not so familiar with.

I don’t often go for the whole relentless wall of noise thing but there’s something so freaking drastic about the carnage these guys amass on stage that there’s no escape. Sound-wise all the usual suspects are present, from high-pitched scree to slabs of static to blown out bass. But there’s also some great subtleties in the layers of groaning guitar, human shrieks and synthesiser damage. Apparently Lasse Marhaug is playing drums…..not that I can hear that among the din.

Listening to Motorcycle Fuck with the Ghostrider conjures up imagery of these guys tearing a stage to shreds and finishing their set covered in blood, even though I know they’re more cerebral than the likes of Wolf Eyes. Still, it’s a nice daydream. I don’t know, maybe the real appeal is that I scored this record for $5 when Missing Link was cleaning out its racks before moving premises? That and the picture of Mr T on the inside cover.