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Digging: Yellow Swans + Moth Drakula

Yellow Swans + Moth Drakula: They do not Always Remember
Oedipus Records (2006)

YSwans&MDrakulaI know nothing about Moth Drakula except that they formed in 2003 and disbanded in 2008. So, I don’t have any real idea of the influence they might have had on this collaboration with Yellow Swans, a now defunct act (sadly) that were capable of producing the most blisteringly visceral but beautiful noise around. Check out their At All Ends record, it will blow your fucking mind.

After listening to They do not Always Remember a few times now I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Yellow Swans were involved in its creation. The three tracks on here are a seriously intense experience. It’s like a being in a room with a hundred TVs all screeching white noise and a collection of amps melting down. There are dudes screaming somewhere deep down in the chaos too, and they want to eat your soul.

I’m yet to encounter a Merzbow record as relentless as They do not Always Remember. Merzbow records throb, pulse and shimmer with static and whitewash, you can almost see the sound. There’s little oscillation in what Yellow Swans and Moth Drakula are doing here, it’s one thick sonic slab from the word go. It’s not even until the end of the second track that they wind down the blowout for a few seconds and introduce a screaming amplifier stack.

However, showing more maturity than the average noise nerd Yellow Swans and Moth Drakula realise that they can only maintain this intensity for twenty minutes or so. And being a short, sharp stab is what saves this record from the too-hard pile. Like being struck by lightning, They do not Always Remember is a momentary shock to the system that electrifies your perspective and leaves you with the smell of singed hair.