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[PHYSICS]: Spectramorphic Iridescence


[PHYSICS]: Spectramorphic Iridescnece
Digitalis (2013)

Things start off all hipster cool with Casio beats and plastic synths sporting faux Pompadours and Buddy Holly glasses without lenses. Two minutes later we’re in a K-hole with Aphex Twin, and by track 3 things are getting decidedly weird. A rhythmical bass line drives odd electrical fuzz and hiss through sleets of reverb, turning everything into mush like an R&B My Bloody Valentine. Before you get comfortable it’s back to another 80s Sci-Fi fantasy soundtrack with echoey electro snares and cheesy arpeggios. What the hell is going on here?

This dreamlike record is experimental for its manic ability to veer between various digital music tropes of yore and somehow spew out a cohesive experience. But the Now is never far away. Like Emerald Forest, where creatures bubble and toil in a way that calls to mind the more tribal sounding moments of Black Dice. One can see Grace Jones gnashing her teeth and eating a man whole while listening to this.

There’s plenty of digital revival stuff going around at the moment but you’d be hard pressed to find a record that does as good a job of meat grinding retromania as this. The beauty of [PHYSICS], whoever they are, is their ability to take this sound into contemporary spaces. I could reference Oneohtrix Point Never but that would be selling [PHYSICS] short.

I bought this record for the cover art. Fuck you. It proved to be totally worth it.