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Exoteric Continent: Primera Norma


Exoteric Continent: Primera Norma
Hospital Productions (2014)

Dominic Fernow continues to harness his support for techno’s deepest, darkest Industrial caves with the release of this limited edition cassette by Exoteric Continent on his Hospital Productions label. And it’s stronger than the recent Vatican Shadow output.

Everything about Primera Norma is dark and throbbing. From the thickened drum loops to the pulsating bass lines. Strange whirring sounds, like helicopters or spacecraft gearing up for take off permeate all four tracks. The vibe is dangerous and claustrophic. The threat of violence is real. The listener waits anxiously for something to explode. Nothing ever really happens though, and it’s this facade which ensures you don’t hit stop.

This is the sound of a drug fucked nightclub in a basement deep below the city, where only the weirdest freaks hang out. Everything looks like a scene out of Bladerunner. No one dances because everyone’s either too cool, or too wasted. Probably both.

Exoteric Continent is actually one guy, Arnau Sala Saez from Barcelona. He’s released a bunch of CDrs and tapes under various aliases on loads of small label, including the buzzworthy Opal Tapes. Here’s hoping he releases more of this stuff because Prima Norma is fucking excellent.