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Digging: Sensible Nectar – You are all I could ever ask for

Sensible Nectar: You are all I could ever ask for
Rainbow Bridge (2009)

Recently, a charming young American gentleman by the name of Justin Marc Lloyd sent me some download links and info on a bunch of DIY musical projects that he’s involved in. A quick peruse of his blog highlighted a love of Prurient and my curiosity was peeked. Research indicates that Justin is involved in a DIY label called Rainbow Bridge, along with six musical projects spanning ambient, screamo, noise, folk and late-eighties-infused-grindcore. I haven’t listened to all of his output as yet, but of what I’ve heard, its this Sensible Nectar tape that’s getting plenty of plays on the old iPod.

Imagine if Earth re-released their Hex record, and this time it included a cover version of something from The Cure’s Disintegration. Perhaps Pictures of You or Prayers for Rain slowed down to a snail’s pace and completely hollowed out. Then sprinkle that concoction with some dreamy ambience, something along the lines of Labradford or that Fabio Orsi/Valerio Cosi album I fell in love with last year. Subtract any rhythmic elements from this brew and you have something close to the sound of You are all I could ever ask for.

Scouting around the interwebs I’ve read comments that compare Sensible Nectar to acts like Emeralds, and while there is definitely some of that in the mix, I find myself thinking more about ‘rock’ oriented bands like Explosions in the Sky whose majestic, reverb infused climaxes would fit well in here. Stars of the Lid also come to mind.

Both of the two tracks on this tape kick off with a field of dreamy electronics, stuff that shimmers and shines like sunlight on water. Clean guitars begin trickling in, filtered through a Flanger (this is what gets me thinking about The Cure) and increasing in density as each track unfolds. I am the Light that Floods Your Periphery works its way into a fit of crackling feedback, a la Thurston Moore’s Flipped Out Bride or Sensitive/Lethal before folding itself back into more of those dreamy guitar scapes. The second track, Guardian Angel Bear passes through periods of droning doom and seasick ambience before its guitars crumble into a finale of hiss and buzz.

This is great stuff for what (I’m guessing?) is a bedroom recording, and in fact its lo-fi, DIY aesthetic only adds to its charm. And, by god, it’s certainly nice to hear some experimental/ambient music that plays with ‘light’ as opposed to ‘dark’ without sounding corny. Do yourself a favour and check out You are all I could ever ask for by downloading here, and if you dig it have a hunt around Justin’s website where you can purchase other stuff that he’s released. And while you’re there, check out his neat design/art skills too.