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The Cherry Point: Night of the Bloody Tapes
Troniks (2005)

Night of Bloody TapesImagine standing underneath the jet of a Boeing 747. Someone starts the engine. It squeals into life and then whirls into a deafening roar. Physics bares its claws and demands that you’re sucked into the jet to be minced up like the piss-weak piece of flesh that you are. But you resist, although the roar is so loud that your bones are turning into jelly, which makes it more and more difficult to ignore the beckoning black vortex above you. The sound of a thousand mechanical elements grinding in unison blocks out everything else in the world, yet every now and again you swear that you can hear music in there somewhere. A haunting groan here, a mesmerising sigh there, all tempting you to lean further into the jet’s kaleidoscopic winds and closer to death. Welcome to The Cherry Point and Night of the Bloody Tapes, people. Officially mixed by John Wiese.