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Pop.1280: The Horror

Pop. 1280: The Horror
Sacred Bones (2012)

Pop. 1280 smell like the Birthday Party but the production is thicker, grainier and scarier. Pop. 1280 also smell like early Butthole Surfers sans hallucinogenics, and the deranged nonsense replaced with a nihilistic awareness of society’s ills and a healthy distrust of mankind. On Bodies in the Dunes Pop. 1280 sound a lot like Sightings without venturing quite as far out as their New York siblings. Sometimes they even smell like fellow newcomers Ice Age, except Pop.1280 take  cues from the No Wave scene of their hometown rather than European Punk and Post Punk. Overall Pop. 1280 smell dirty, sleezy, grumpy, loud, pissed off, obnoxious, noisy, propulsive and bass heavy. It’s a very lovely smell indeed.