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Digging: Rahdunes – Rahdunes

Rahdunes – Rahdunes
Sweat Lung (2008)

Something tells me these San Fransicans smoke a bit of weed. They’re like the Meat Puppets of the noise scene, the way they mash a bluesy country feel into hypnotic sound scapes. Every track is based on a simple two-note bass line with tonnes of reverb and delay conjuring a tripped out and Dubby haze. Guitars twinkle around lazily, like bright stars shooting across a desert sky and slightly creepy vocals drift about deep down in the mix moaning incoherently as if everyone’s too fucked up to form cohesive sentences. Occasionally percussion jumps in for the ride, usually bongos or chimes but more often it’s the addition of synthesised drones, sitars and electronic squiggles that lift Rahdunes out of standard droning doom territory into a far more cosmic plane. Similar to Sun Araw, Magic Lantern, Pocahaunted and Psychic Ills but far less rhythmic than all these bands, Rahdunes make some beautiful, smoked out and blissful music. Comes in a beautiful 6 panel, gold embossed, heavy card package.